NC Heater 空氣加熱器 เครื่องทำความร้อนอากาศ máy sưởi

Non-contact Air heating/ quick rise of temperature/ compatible with inert gas/ highly durable

Our advantages with NC Heater

A variety of high-temperature heaters using hot air available. Stable control of hot air temperature in the range of room temperature up to 800℃. Odorless and pollution-free clean heat source. Quick rise of temperature. Easy to control temperature. Various controllers such as flow meters, pressure gauges and temperature controller available. If necessary, we will help you test to choose most suitable heater to your operation. Contact us for whatever you want regarding spot heating.
It is also possible to manufacture wiring using nickel wire as a heat source to eliminate the effects of copper contamination, such as in semiconductor manufacturing.

Our NC Heater is used in:

・Soldering of surface mount parts
・Heat source of heat shrink tube
・Heat source for caulking of thermoplastic resin
・Preheating of cans before printing
・Linear heating of coreless coils on coiling machine
・Heat drying of adhesives
・Silver brazing of medical devices
・Heating of liquids

NCH Series



■ Air/gas piping
Prior to use of NC heater, it is necessary to depressurize air/gas piping system including cylinders in order to secure proper control of hot air flow rate.

■Electric power supply - voltage
When a rated voltage of electric power is used, there is no need to adjust voltage provided that specified minimum flow rate of gas must be maintained. In general, it is recommended to use voltage regulator to adjust the temperature.

・ Use air or inert gas (N2, Ar, etc.) only.  (Never use flammable gas.). ・ When using a compressor, be sure to filter to remove oil and water.
・ As a routine be sure to perform the sequence of “Fluid ON → Power ON → Power OFF → Fluid OFF” so that fluid is always there when powered electrically.
・ The minimum flow rate (e.g. 15ℓ/min or more at 100V-350W) varies depending on the heater type. Please consult if a low flow rate is desired.

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