Solder Bath 焊錫槽 บัดกรีอาบน้ำ Phòng tắm hàn

Ceramic Solder Bath /why preferred

Now that lead-free solder is the standard for soldering work, our ceramic solder bath is highly reputed for its excellent performance in the industries that use urethane covered magnet wires at high temperatures for processing terminals of power transformer, coil and motor because of the following advantages.

《Advantage 1》
Capable of continuous operation at high temperatures up to 520℃, i.e. adaptable to almost all temperature ranges.

《Advantage 2》
Completely free from poor soldering problems caused by “metal mixture” which is frequently seen in conventional soldering bath made of stainless steel or titanium that tend to be eroded by solder.

This ceramic solder bath can be used for a long period of time by replacing those consumable parts such as melting pot and heating unit.

*To remove cover of enamel wire like AIW we offer a remover compatible with 0.03φ or more
*If our line-up of this ceramic solder baths does not meet your specific requirements in terms of size, dimensions, etc., we can offer custom made cast-iron solder bath in various sizes and dimensions. → Cast Iron Solder Bath

Ceramic Solder Bath หม้อต้มตะกั่ว อ่างหลอมตะกั่ว

Cast Iron Solder Bath

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